Friday, 16 May 2008

Marks for a perfect marriage

This week the Telegraph published a page from a 1930s leaflet marking women on how good they are as wives. The leaflet as a whole has been published on Flickr, showing the corresponding questions for men on how good they are as husbands.

I found this interesting from two perspectives. First, simply in the changes in values and expectations over time. It would be fascinating for someone to create a 2000s version of the leaflet with the qualities we look for in a partner now. With so many points relating to irritating habits like "squeezing toothpaste at the top", I suspect the general trend would actually be quite similar.

The second thing that struck me, is that the Telegraph chose to mention only the wives half of this. Ignoring the similarly outdated and archaic requirements for a good husband. Seems to me this says a lot more about current sexual attitudes than those of 70 years ago.