Saturday, 9 August 2008

Toasters are interesting!

I've just arrived home from a week working in Wikia's Poland office, and am feeling rather smug that I only missed one post while away.

But with today being a day of almost internet-less recovery, I didn't have much of an idea of what to write about.

Luckily, my friends at #uncyclopedia were there to help:
<azzt|cgi> sannse: toasters
<sannse> toasters are not an interesting thing
<azzt|cgi> toasters are quite interesting!
And it seems they are right. What a great collection...

It seems the world of interesting toasters falls roughly into three categories: new designs like the transparent toaster; devices that combine toasting with other actions; and toasters that burn designs into your bread.

Although I'm not quite sure where the "highest popping toaster in the world" fits in.