Friday, 30 March 2007

Beauty and vandals

Drawball is amazing. At first sight it looks like a confusing mess, but zoom in and there are some real gems. Faces seem popular, especially women's faces, but the variety is wide.

Since I last looked at this, they have added a year's playback, which is quite hypnotic.

But I think my favourite part, is watching a single image being created from scratch. This wonderful sea scene is built up, tweaked and improved, into a great piece of work. And yet in the process, others scrawl across it, trying to ruin the work in progess.

Near the end, the already beautiful and almost finished image suddenly has a large blue penis right the way over it. And yet the artist simply goes back to fix it up, and finish his art.

So why draw here? What makes this talented person choose to draw where his art is not only drawn over while in progress, but also has no chance of surviving (at least on the ball itself) once he's finished it? It can't be the medium, drawing is not easy in this format (especially with the amount of ink they give you). And there are plenty of places to showcase your work online without the risk of vandalism.

I guess it's about being part of something larger. The feeling of adding to and improving a work that others are working on at the same time as you. Cooperation, collaboration and sharing - some of the same motivations for those of us addicted to wikis I think.

What motivates the blue penis guy, that I can't say.